A Letter from My Confused Bride

Dear Honey,

By the time you read this message I am long gone, maybe in a small town or maybe overseas. The point is, I want to be alone for a while.

I know the wedding’s tomorrow but I won’t forgive myself if I will go through with the ceremony, knowing that deep inside I have questions that must be answered. It won’t be fair to both of us. So before that happens I want to share this with you. Then you decide what to do.

You know that two days before the wedding we had our bridal shower. My officemates were all there including Max, my boss in the HR department. We did our bridal shower in her house.

The night was wild, with lots of food and booze to boot. Soon, most of us were all wasted from the binge so before midnight, most of my officemates had already left, except me. Max told me to sleep over in her house since most of the office mates’ cars were already occupied. I complied.

I was so drunk that night I could barely walk without tumbling or tipping a glass or two. Max helped me to my feet and brought me to her room.

My vision was whirling then from the dizziness. I guess I puked a couple of times which made me feel embarrassed because all those times Max helped me clean up and undress my soiled clothes.

After taking off all my clothes and freshening me up with a warm towel and a mouthwash, Max suddenly kissed me passionately, the sweet smell pervaded over my body which made me really excited, to my surprise. It took me a minute to grasp what was happening so I pushed away. Right there and then my boss reveals her feelings for me. I said this is impossible as I will be married to you. She said she doesn’t care, and decides to steal me away from you.

I know Max is an out and out lesbian, a real dyke. I heard from office gossips her “girl conquests” — from simple flings to serious on-relationships. Most of them more beautiful and more assertive than I am which made me wonder, why only now?

She kissed me again, more firm this time, pressing both of my arms down on the bed. I tried to ignore her advances but my body was betraying me. Soon I was returning the kisses. Max kissed me down to my neck, shoulder, between my tits, then to my tits. My nipples were sucked greedily and alternately. My tits were pressed so hard her hand marks around it. The sucking and the nibbling on my nipples were so unbearable I can’t help but moan from the pleasure, asking my boss to stop and continue at the same time.

My moans were almost turning to screams; luckioly, she covered my mouth with her left hand as her lips crawled on my stomach, on my navel, twirling the tongue as she my legs were slowly opened to welcome my boss’ two fingers. I yelped a bit when the fingers reached my hymen. Max smiled when she questions my virginity, resulting in a more firm press of the fingers inside my pussy trying to get an answer from me. But my boss stopped fingering me. I sighed thinking my boss would give up her crazy lust for me. I was wrong…

Max turned her hips around, her bikini brief-covered pussy in my face. She told me to pull her bikini brief to one side. I saw the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen: fresh, pink lips, protruding clitoris, a prominent curved mound that will make any guys crazy. She told me to lick her pussy till it becomes shiny and wet from her pussy juice and my saliva. I did so, and the moans and wails of pleasure spread all over the room when she also licked and sucked my pussy to her delight.

The sixty-nine position took almost half an hour when Max was sure she can’t come anymore. She stood up, went to get something from the cabinet, and fumbles in the dimness of the room. I realized she was wearing something because when she faced me again, a strap-on dildo was placed in her hips.

I shrieked from fear, and asked my boss not to do this to me since I promised you that I will be untouched until our honeymoon. But she just smiled and carried me to the shower room.

Believe me honey, I tried to resist her. I pleaded my situation. but when she opened the shower, and lathered me with soap, I forgot everything. It seems I was entranced by her gentle touch, especially when she kissed me and told me to suck her tongue. This went on for a few minutes until she again licked and sucked my pussy till I orgasm many times.

I didn’t realize when we exchanged kisses, she was aiming the dildo in my pussy. The dildo head had entered my pussy because of its wetness, but not totally. I was groaning when she tried to break my hymen. She whispered to me to relax and take a deep breath. Then she gave a strong jerk I screamed in pain as my hymen was ripped by an eight-inch dildo.

I cried profusely, telling Max to take the dildo off because the pain was searing inside but she ignored me as she continues with her vigorous thrusts inside my pussy while we were standing, holding my butt to make sure I won’t push her away as the water from the showers drip on our backs. She lifted my left leg as she fucks me hard and strong and kisses me passionately, thinking that somehow this could alleviate the pain

Later on the sharp pain in my pussy was numbed and was replaced by a tickling sensation that was so intense I began to moan with pleasure. I pulled her hips to mine, telling her to fuck me more. She put my left leg down and laid me on the floor without taking the dildo out. As I lay on the floor she whispered that if I want this more, I had to beg for it. So Idid. I told her to fuck me more, to make me come hard. She sucked my tongue and moved her hips in and out while holding both my legs with her arms, then later placed it on her shoulders. The feeling was both extremely painful and pleasurable at the same time I told her I was about to come. She also said that she was coming too so she told me to suck her flat tits which I greedily complied while she fucked me like there was no tomorrow.

We both screamed when we felt our orgasm. My pussy quivered with the intense pleasure as we breathed heavily and mashing each other’s breasts. When our lusts subsided, I came back to my senses and realized what I had done. She slowly pulled out her dildo and there blood and juices oozed from my pussy. The dildo was also covered with our juices and my blood, showing that I was deflowered, that I was a virgin no more.

I dressed up and left my boss’ house but not before she told me to see me in the office. But I didn’t report to work. Now I will ask you the question I ask you earlier. What will be your decision, now that I was fucked by my lady boss, and devirginized too? Will you still accept me despite what happened between me and my boss?

I hope to hear an answer for you soon. By the way, Max is trying to find me right now. I just received a text from her and she is planning for us to elope.

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