First Love

i would like to share to you my first ever sex experience with my first love. You can call me paula, graduating student in college. I was in my 1st year high school year when I met him, when our eyes met the first time literally I saw stars. He was a senior then, so parang i was saying in my mind na this guy could not be with me. anyway, andon sya nakaupo sa gym with his friends nung nilapitan ko yung friend ko ay pinakilala siya sakin, his name was brad, half british half pinoy, cute eyes and curly eyelashes, tall, white, cute smile, in short he was one of the your-so-handsome-i-want-you type of guy. He was really my dream guy back then. Hindi ko alam may gusto din siya sakin. He started asking for my number and ayun we bacame textmates then.

June is the start of the school year and naging kami june 20, 2001. masasabi ko namang okey yung relationship namin, pero syempre i was a freshie and he was more matured than me, and yun, he became understanding and was with me sa times of immaturity ko.

there was one time that we were asking kung gano namin mahal ang isa’t isa and he told me his gonna show his love for me. So one saturday morning kasama friends niya we went to a nearby resort, lahat sila nagswiswimming, kami lang hindi. We were in the part sa may billiard hall nila, when he said that this is how im gonna show you i love you. He kissed me, and this was my first french kiss so parang ako sinasabayan ko lang. and after a long pound of kissing, he started holding my boobs, i felt a warm tinggle in my body then, parang kakaiba na it really felt good. and then he started unbottoning my pants then. ako naman, sobrang panic kasi asa public place kami kaya i told him not to do that. he agreed naman to me and respected my decision.

madami pang times ang dumaan and ayun, he already satisfied his hands down in me, sobrang sarap pala yung pakiramdam na yun, na his pleasuring you. sobrang sarap ng pakiramdam pala ng finifinger. Anyway, whenever may way we would go down gamit car niya, punta kami sa beach and we would play dr. i tried giving him a bj pero at those time, parang gusto ko ako plinepleasure. we would even skip school just to have fun, play around. pero until don lang yun. He wanted to have sex, pero i refused talaga. he would be pleading for him to get inside me pero my decision was firm that i don’t want to have sex yet. It’s not that I don’t love him or I don’t want to have sex with him, its just that I was scared I may get pregnant.

Our happy days only lasted for 5 months. She was courting another girl and for me, it really hurts, although the feeling still remains, i think my immaturity in handling a relationship then made him give up. I still remember every single date that happened with us, and my fairytale ended lang December 5, 2001. Sabi ko sa sarili ko ganito pala talaga masaktan, parang ayaw ko na atang maglove ulit. And promised myself to win him back.

Late January when we had a field trip to the province, all the students are there. He was also there and his friends where there. During our time together with brad, i also became close to his friends and even though our relationship did not last his friend treated me the same.

I saw brad sa campsite namin, enjoying a conversation with his friends, feeling ko he really got over me na, he looks so happy and I so desperately wanting him. Joining his friends looking at him, sabi ko im really going to give it all na. Night came nung lahat ng tao asa campsite na and tumabi siya sakin, usap kami. sabi niya andon parin yung love… and asked if we can go out of the campsite to talk sabay bili narin kami ng katol kasi i was itching to death na non. I know i’m not stupid na malaman na wala ng nakabukas na store and walang masakyan, pero still sumama ako sakanya. We sat in one of the cement chairs and talked. Hanggang things got overcontrolled we were already kissing. which let to him pulling to an empty lot where he wanted to have sex. At first I hesitated, kasi nga public siya and its not safe. we were 10 yards away from the campsite. so yun, pasok agad sa isip ko na this would be the time to give it to him na. So i agreed. we did it a vacant lot sa province, sobrang bilis ng pangyayari non, he just sled his gigantic dick inside me,

“ahhhhh…. brad, ang sakit”

“wait, konti nalang it will be over na….ahhhh”

he was pumping na talaga, although it hurts i already felt yung sarap niya. his dick was really big talaga. pinakamalaking dick na nakita ko at nahawakan sa buong buhay ko, and sa time na yun, i really felt good about myself, na i felt a tingle sensation.

“brad… ahhhhh… i love you….”

“pau.. i love you too… ang sarap…. ahhhh.. malapit na ko”

few second before he camed, linabas niya dick niya and pinutok niya sa labas. he hugged me then, and helped me fix myself. dahil nga sa public yun and we were in a hurry hindi na kami masyadong nakapagusap non. the sad part is that hindi parin kami nagkabalikan with brad but the good part there e, it became our plan na kahit hindi kami we still do it. we don’t do it regularly pero each time we did it was a memorable experience to me. Right now, he is in the states, we still our friends and im hoping that when he visits here in the Philippines he would remember contacting me.

this is my first sex experience, please do comment nalang po if you want to hear more of my sex experience.

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