Liza the hapless secretary

“Oh yess,” she cooed. Her mind drifted to the porn videos she’d watch to get off. A secretary stripped off her clothes; her blazer, blouse, skirt, white-laced bra and panties scattered on the floor. Liza imagined that she was the hapless secretary, with only her torn pantyhose clinging to her steaming flawlessly white body. She’d imagine her breaks would be like this: she’d cling on to a water cooler while her boss fucked her tight wet cunt raw inside his office.

“Ahhh,” she cursed as her vibrator sped up. Before the lockdown, the thought of being wrecked and rammed inside her law office never crossed her mind. It was all about work, work, and more work. And when she was feeling jittery, she’d just tear off a piece of paper, or sometimes an entire sticky note, crumple it with her fingers, and fidget with it over and over. It was only when the lockdown began when she began fidgeting down down south, fingering her pink pussy like crazy, as a way to keep calm. She thought no one would find out, but someone did, and that someone gave her the violet toy she would surely grow to love.

“Ah,” the tired lawyer’s body shook for the nth time that day. She had lost track, having been pleasuring herself since the day started – first, at her hacker’s orders, and now, out of her own choosing, her volition.

As she washed herself, Liza noticed that her phone was constantly beeping. She bit her lip, thinking to herself, “Hmm, I wonder what he has in store for me now.” The sun had already set, but she was still brimming with energy. She was still horny, and keen to try new things with her still-mysterious hacker. In her excitement, she chose not to dress up, not even to cover her body with a towel. “He’d tell me to take if off anyway,” she thought.

All that excitement swept away when the girl still on paradise read the message. “Liza, following up on the court filing. You haven’t acknowledged receipt of my instructions yet.”

“Uh shit,” Liza cursed, the tone of her voice going down. She felt as if a bucket of cold iced water splashed over her face. The time for playing games is over. The poor attorney dressed up and went straight to work.

The next few days were spent on a seemingly never-ending cycle of writing, revising, then throwing away. Her work hours extended into the early morning. Just when she’d finally get to sleep, the garbage truck would honk loudly, marking the start of another work-filled and surely stressful day.

To the relief of the legal slave, the stranger never disturbed her. There were no e-mails, no messages, nothing. The silence of her tormentor allowed her to focus on work. But after one particularly long night of rewriting another court filing for the nth time, Liza found herself opening that first e-mail: “My user-friendly fuckmeat is now a lawyer, I see”. She stared at the “fake” picture of her, tugging a cock on her right hand. She then glanced at her ample-sized dildo.

“Haaaaaaaaa,” she sighed, grabbing the shaft, stuffing it inside her love hole, with the picture of “her” giving a handjob still on screen.

The poor girl never came though. As the dildo buzzed, she fell into a deep slumber.

The next day, Liza found herself wearing a boring gray skirt and an equally boring gray blazer on top of her clean white top. She had to go to the office because her court filing, all her hard work, had again been sent to the dumpster.

“Start over,” her boss e-mailed her, “Review all the evidence and work from there.” Unfortunately for the poor girl, that meant looking at everything that had already been discarded before. And since they were considered to “no longer be needed”, they weren’t scanned and uploaded to her law firm’s database. Which means she had to go to the office.

There was a silver lining to this though. “At least I get some fresh air,” Liza thought to herself.

This was her first visit to the firm since the lockdown, so she was excited, but she dreaded the work that had to be done. If she had to review each piece of evidence, how long would it take?

And would she be alone? True, she didn’t want to talk to people when she had to focus on her job. But, she missed her co-workers. She hadn’t really talked to them, even in their group chat. But, staying in touch in the digital world is still different from the daily lunches and late-night dinners, the tense and tedious meetings with bosses and the Friday night karaoke, and even the banters and gossips in between writing and researching sessions, all counted as billable hours charged against the firm’s deep-pocketed clients.

Entering the building gave Liza chills. The once brightly-lit corridors were now lit with only one dim orange bulb for what seemed like every block. The echoes of fellow associates chatting, of her bosses arguing with each other, and of the firm’s clients speaking in stifled Chinese to the confusion of the legal staff, all those signs of life were now replaced with a deafening silence and the occasional whirring of the centralized AC.

Liza gazed at her room, a pitifully small space dominated by mountains of papers. She was a small girl, so sorting through them would be a chore.

“Oh, this is going to be a long day,” she whispered to herself. She grabbed a ladder and stepped on it, crouching by the time she got on top. She took a thick folder on top, and flipped through it. In the blink of an eye, thirty minutes had passed, and the working girl had spent the entire time reviewing the material, all while seated in a compromising pose: her white-laced panties were open for the world to see.

Liza was so engrossed with her reading that she didn’t notice her door open and her fellow associate Mikestep inside. The two were from the same batch at law school, but he began work three weeks earlier than her, since Liza’s mother insisted on a pilgrimage that she couldn’t refuse. Mike’s early entry to the law firm proved to be helpful to Liza though. He helped her immediately settle in and learn the ropes.

Mikewas a big man with an equally chubby face. His face could easily pass for a politician. But his beard showed that he had let himself go. The long rash on his right arm didn’t help either. Nor was he a buff. A big man, yes, but with no muscles, just fat.

Mikecouldn’t help but stare at his co-worker’s white laced panties. He certainly was enjoying the view. In between writing memos and making calls to uncooperative government offices while stuck at home during the lockdown, he’d spend his little free time watching pornos. Finally, in his full view was a real girl, and he was savoring the moment, even if it meant ogling at his unsuspecting fellow associate.

Mikefelt something hard grow inside his pants. “Fuck,” he whispered to himself. Oh, he was tempted to lock the door, whip out his cock, creep on Liza, and then ride her hard. Never mind that he’d be climbing on a ladder. Never mind that it may collapse, leading them both on a hard fall. Never mind the consequences that may happen. Never mind thinking about how he’d impale his attractive co-worker with his stiffening shaft without being noticed. When the mind is aroused, all thoughts go out the window.

A sudden phone ring from Liza’s phone shook him back to reality.

“AHH!” Liza screamed as she fell from the ladder, the phone call startling her more than her co-associate gazing at her prized goods.

Mikemay be horny, but he was quick to his senses. He rushed towards Liza, catching her as she fell. But he was not off the hook. As she fell into his arms, her tight ass felt his raging erection.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh,” Mikestuttered, his eyes directed towards Liza’s.

The two stayed silent as she felt his cock harden as it continued to rub her backdoor. They stared at each other awkwardly, not moving an inch, for what seemed to be forever.

Neither could make the next move – whether to break up the awkward moment, or to go all out.

Until the phone rang again. Liza quickly picked it up.


There was no reply on the other line.

Mikethen spoke, “I better be going.” He quietly left Liza’s room.

The confused attorney then climbed to her seat. “The fuck?” She thought. She suspected that Mikewanted to hit on her, all the boys in her law school batch did. Yet, she didn’t suspect that he would be so brazen: letting her feel his cock spring to life. “But then again, there’s no one here. Maybe,” she rationalized.

Her mind then went back to that first e-mail, to her first frigging session on camera, to that intense orgasm inside the coffee shop, and to her new favorite toy.

“Is Mikethe hacker? Shit.” Liza asked herself, her brows crunched, her eyes squinting.

The video of the hardening cock with the words “Liza’S” written played in her mind. Was this Mike’s? Yet, rather than call him out, she wanted that sword to impale her. Liza could feel her snatch itch. She stared down at her skirt, but then turned her thoughts on that folder she was reviewing intently before this distracting incident.

“Ugh, no, not today.” Suddenly, workaholic Liza was back. “I’ll deal with Mike,” then she looked down to her skirt, “and you later.”

Liza climbed back up her ladder and took the next folder. Only for it to be empty. “Oh,” she sighed. This meant a trip to the records section to get another copy of the missing papers.

She took the folder, left her cubicle, and made her way through the dark corridor. All other rooms were empty, even Mike’s. “Grrr,” Liza grunted as she saw his nameplate.

She tapped her ID to the security plate to unlock the record room when she heard a voice from afar, “Ma’am, I didn’t know you were here. Welcome back!”

“Hi, Jules!” Liza waved back. Jules was one of the law firm’s formerly many security guards. With the lockdown, he was the only one left. Costs had to be cut, the others were let go. Not Jules though. He wasn’t the best, but he wasn’t let go because of only one reason: money. He was the cheapest of the lot. The firm could afford to pay him. He was new, he had no family to feed, he lived in the building, he was young, and he was fit. Jules, the one in the lowest rung, the lowest in the office, was in good shape, in contrast to his stressed and overworked bosses.

Liza felt a sense of comfort upon seeing Jules. With him in there, she thought that maybe Mikewon’t do anything else to her. Even if her co-worker’s gaze made her body ache for a rough fuck. “I have to get the job done,” the workaholic in her insisted.

Liza immediately rummaged through the records, gathering the papers she would need to redo her court filing. She then flicked the switch on the scanner. Nada, the device was busted.

“Great,” the tired lawyer growled. She grabbed her phone and called Chard, the technician of the office.

“Hi, attorney,” the voice on the other line spoke.

“Thank God you’re here,” Liza sighed with relief, “Hi, listen, the scanner here in the records room is broken. Could you go check it, please?”

“Sure, but first, have you tried plugging it off and plugging it in again?” The technician quipped.

Liza’s forehead and brows crunched at the obvious suggestion, “Of course I did,” she said in a sarcastic tone.

“Sorry, attorney. Will be there in a while. I’m still helping Attorney DBG with setting up online chat.” DBG was one of the firm’s partners, meaning, one of Liza’s bosses.

“Alright,” Liza replied, and then sighed, “Looks like I’ll be here a while.”

The weary lady tried to read through the papers she had collected. But she couldn’t highlight anything, nor write notes. These were the originals, after all. These all had to stay clean. And because she couldn’t do anything with them, she quickly lost her focus.

Her mind drifted to the indecent incident with Mike. Was he really the mysterious guy she had been conversing with? The man who made her frig herself in a public coffee shop wash room? The one who gave her the purple vibrator she had grown to love? The picture of the cock with her name written on it, “Liza’S” flashed in her brain, “Was that Mike’s cock?” Liza mouthed to herself, “Not bad then,” she nodded, biting her lip.

Although she was worried, the thought that her hacker may have been Mikecomforted her. At least now she knew, or thought she knew, who it was. Soon her worries got her aroused. Her right hand found its way into her skirt, with her left hand cupping her small breasts.

She didn’t imagine she’d be playing herself inside her law firm, the very place where she worked. “Fuck it,” Liza threw all caution in the wind. After all, she had already played with herself in a coffee shop, of all places. She rationalized, “Why stop now?” She pulled down her gray skirt and white panties, and tossed them on the still non-functioning scanner. Finally, her legs were free to stretch as wide as they could be, and her hands can now roam inside her increasingly wet pussy.

Liza breathed heavily, “Here goes nothing.” Her small eyes then closed, letting her other senses take in the ecstasy. Mikemay not be a heartthrob, but imagining his throbbing cock grind inside her made her horny and wet. She reached her peak soon after, “haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa”. The lady lawyer grinned widely as her petite frame shook and her girlhood trembled.

“Haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa”

Her muffled screams filled the room. Whether anyone else heard her, she didn’t care at this point.

“Oh god, yes yes yesssssssss….” she purred like a kitten as she reached the heavens, as her cunt shuddered. Liza had lit the flame, and now her body was on fire.

“Fuck me, Mike, fuck me,” she whispered, imagining Mike’s cock burying itself deep inside her love hole. And then that picture, the penis with her name, “Liza’S”, spurting thick, copious ropes of cum, came into her mind. That was enough to send the hapless associate over the edge.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

The girl caught her breath and let her body rest, her eyes remaining closed, reveling the moment.

Until a door clunked loudly, and a voice rang: “What the fuck?”