Masturbation Class

ni openmindedpinoy

The event: A class on masturbation.

The location: An undisclosed location in Metro Manila.

The participants: An anonymous group of girls.

Before you continue reading this post, take a moment to relax. Close your eyes and imagine yourself participating in this class.

Here is an account of how the class went down:

I stood silently outside the door. Through the glass window, I see you and the other girls sitting silently on lounge chairs. I thought the lounge chairs would make it more comfortable for you. It took some guts to be here, I have to hand it to you. A class like this, you simply cannot advertise.

All of you are members and visitors of this site. Some of you are writers, while others are readers. One or two are not members, but have expressed interest on my email.

I wondered if you feel uncomfortable, being in the presence of other girls. For what its worth, they probably feel the same way as you do. I took a deep breath and entered the room.

“Hi, everyone.” I greeted, and was met by silent stares, including you. I spent the next several minutes introducing myself, and kept the conversation light. Finally, I see you appear to be comfortable enough.

“Before we get started, I would like each one of you to tell everyone else something about yourself. No need to tell everyone your name and other information that may personally identify you.”

One by one, you talked. There are interesting mixes of girls, I thought to myself. Some of you are married; others are single or single parent. Some of you wanted to see what this class is about; others seem to want something more. Some of you are quite open to the subject of sex, others are shy about it.

“Thanks for coming. It took a lot of guts, but we made it happen. I understand na nakakatakot, and truly, I also have a feeling of uncertainty on how this is going to go down, pero here we are, so let’s make the most out of it.”

“So we are here to talk about masturbation, without inhibition. We talked about it at the site, we joked about it, so here, an idea was hatched and you wanted to see this.”

I had on me my shirt and a pair of pants. As agreed upon, all of you are wearing your bedtime attires. I placed one hand on my bulging cock. Slowly, I caressed up and down.

I see your eyes following my hand down, watching intently as I caressed my hand up and down.

“Matagal na din akong nagbabasa sa site na ito. Do you wonder what I do? This is what I do.”

I continued to caress my cock. Moving my hands, I caressed my inner thigh, towards my knee, then going inwards to my crotch.

“I started writing when I thought I was ready. I had some wonderful experience so I started writing about them. Hindi naman mahirap. Iniisip ko lang yung mga nababasa ko na pocket books and tried to use the same format they did.”

I now place my other hand on my inner thigh and caressed. As you listened, your eyes are fixed on my hands.

“When I started writing my first post, Phone Sex with Anne, it was supposed to be one post. Somehow, I found myself got into it. I started to remember details that I have not thought about. Grabe, I was so aroused that I had to break it into five parts, in between each time, this is what I was doing.”

I continued to caress my thigh. Pulling up my shorts a bit, I have my hands under the fabric, my hands feeling the skin of my inner thigh.

“In the comments left by some members, one said something about how masturbation is bad. Is it?”

I started squeezing my inner thigh, as I continue to caress.

“Some of you were affected, I say simply ignore. Ultimately, what does it matter what they say? What is important is that you are doing something you feel comfortable with.”

From your facial reaction, I can tell you are now comfortable with masturbation. I pushed one hand under my shorts higher, placing my hand on top of my cock and rubbed.

“There really is no need to justify what we do in the site. There is no need to feel guilty. The only thing important is that masturbating is something we do, and we do it for the pleasure of it, or as some of you may say, a release.”

Slowly, I pulled down my shorts.

“Pag nagbabasa ako ng mga stories, I think about you. I wonder, when you read my stories, do you think about me? Perhaps think about this too?”

I kicked out my shorts, my cock already rock hard. My cock head plus a length of my shaft protrudes out, too long, too big to fit inside my brief.

“As you can see, there is no need to arouse me. Matigas na ang titi ko.”

I can see you looking intently at my cock. Slowly, I massaged the area just beside my cock, up and down, around and around my cock.

“I see some of you starting to touch yourself. Now is a good time to… STOP! No, no, no. Believe me, hindi pa ito ang time. I will allow you to touch your breasts, though.”

I continued to rub on my inner thigh, under my cock.

“Go on, kaya lounge chair, para comfortable. You can lean back if you want to. Don’t take off your clothes. Just rub on top of the fabric.”

I continued to rub myself, my inner thigh, and now I slowly caress my balls.

“Place the palm of your hands under your breasts. Ayan, like that. Slowly, move your hands left and right, going up. Follow the contour of your beasts, as you slowly start to rub in circular motion, from the bottom, going up.”

I slowly traced my hands on the length of my shaft, from by balls going to my cock head, and down again.

“When I masturbate, I think about you. I think about how much pleasure I am going to give you. Masarap na masarap, iyan ang gusto kong padama sa iyo. Do you ever think about what I am doing too? Did you ever think about this? Naiisip mo ba na ako din, gusto ko ding masarapan?”

I continue to rub my shaft up and down, pressing harder now. Namumungay ang mata mo, I can see you are very aroused now.

“Masarap ba? Masarap ba ang hinihimas ang suso mo, just like that? Iniisip mo ba na ako ang gumagawa sa iyo niyan? Does it feel good, pag iniisip mo, kamay ko iyan?”

I kept on rubbing my cock. Seeing how you touch your breast, seeing your hands on your breasts, I could almost feel my own hands too, my hands touching those breasts of yours. Rubbing and caressing, softly.

“Put your hands inside your cloth. Go ahead, dahan dahan lang. Umpisahan mo sa tiyan, himasin mo, slowly go up. Keep going, pataas ng pataas, now start rubbing your breasts. Himasin mo ang suso mo, keep going in circular motion.”

I see your hands touching your breasts, and hear soft moans escaping from some of you, others moaning loudly, my cock pulsate with excitement, and my pre cum oozing out as I continue to caress my rock hard thick shaft.

“Imagine me, touching your breasts, hinihimas ko, dahan dahan kong pinipiga ang suso mo. Ngayon, feel the tip of my finger as I slowly trace around your nipples. Ummm, your nipples are very erect now. Alam mo ba na when I feel that, when I feel your erect nipples, I get more aroused? Go ahead and trace your finger around your nipples. Ummm, masarap diba?”

As I rubbed and and down, I now gently squeezed my balls.

“Nakikinig ka sa sinasabi ko, pero iniisip ba ninyo na sana itong bibig ko, itong dila ko, ang nararamdaman mo sa suso mo ngayon? Go on, imagine my tongue, imagine, itong dila ko, dinidilaan ko ang utong mo ngayon. I am licking it around and around. Palipat lipat ako, kaliwa, kanan, pabalik balik. Ummm, alam mo ba na lalo pa akong nalilibugan ngayon? Lalo akong nalilibugan ngayong dinidilaan ko ang matigas mong utong? Nararamdaman mo ba na magang maga ang utong mo? Iyan kasi ang feeling ko, magang maga na ang titi ko sa libog.”

I see you touching yourself, moaning with pleasure. My own arousal has made me breathe harder, my heart rate faster. My cock pulsates with anticipation. I continue to rub and caress my balls and thick shaft. I looked at myself and see more pre cum.

“Do you want my mouth on your nipples? Imagine my mouth now, on your breasts, kissing as I caress around your breasts, slowly swallowing your nipples. Feel my warm mouth, feel my lips seal around your erect nipples, feel my gentle sucks. Ummm, does that feel good? Masarap? Feel my tongue as I lick around your nipples, then suck again. Feel me do this again and again. Ummm… Go ahead, pinch your nipples now, feel my lips nibble on your erect nipples. Ummm… Ummm… Masarap? Do you know how much I love your nipples? Do you know how good it feels to lick and suck your nipples? Alam mo ba kung ano ang nararamdaman ko pag sinisipsip ko ang utong mo? Libog na libog ako, ang sarap ng feeling ko.”

I see you, your eyes half closed, half open, looking at me. I see some of you moving your hands down.

“Don’t touch yourself down there, not now, not yet. Sige, keep pinching and pulling your nipples. Slowly, imagine my hands, as I continue to lick and suck your erect nipples, feel my hands caressing your body. Feel my hands caressing your sides and hips, then your legs, your thigh, then your inner thigh.”

As I talked, I looked at how horny you all are. I listened to the moans, and started to pull down my brief, just enough so my full shaft is exposed. Do you see that? I see you looking, watching.

“Sana kamay ko ang humihimas sa thigh mo, are you thinking about that? As I look at you now, do you know what kind of sensation I am feeling now? I want to kiss and lick your body. Imagine my warm mouth, my tongue, imagine me as I start to kiss your belly, then your sides, down to your hips.”

I see you can’t wait any longer.

“STOP! Don’t touch your soaking pussy now. Basang basa ka na, diba? Not yet. Let’s make it better for you, for me. Keep one hand on your nipples, yeah, pull it, pinch it. Move your other hand now. Isipin mo mouth ko iyan, dila ko, feel what I am doing. Feel my kisses on your inner thigh. Can you feel that? Am I making you horny? Am I making you wetter? Is your cunt crying for attention?”

I continue to caress the length of my shaft. Moving, I pull down my brief.

“Look at me, look at my cock. Matigas na matigas, libog na libog sa iyo. Can you see that? Can you see my pre cum? Ummm, watch me, this is what I do when I think about you. This is what I do.”

I cupped my balls and gently rubbed.

“Ahhh… Ohhh… That feels so good! Ang sarap! That’s how you feel too, diba? Masarap na masarap? Take off everything now. Take off your clothes, show me your body, show me your breasts. Ahhh… Ummm… I gasped at the sudden increase in pleasure as I rubbed my balls, when I start to see more of you. Alam mo ba kung ano ang feeling ko pag tinitignan ko ang suso at utong mo? Alam mo ba kung ano ang feeling ko kung nakikita kong matigas na matigas ang utong mo?”

I see you taking off your panty now.

“Ummm, alam mo ba ang feeling ko, see you take off everything and showing me? Ang sarap mong tignan, nakakalibog. Alam mo kung paano akong lalong malibugan ngayong nakikita ko na ang puke mo? I can see how wet you are now. Ummm, do you know how much I want to taste you? I can see your wetness. Is that your cum oozing out of your pussy? Do you realize how much my throat feels dry now? Do you realize how much I need to taste you?”

I start to grip on my thick shaft and slowly move my hand up and down.

“Lagay mo ang kamay mo sa singit mo. Idiin mo, tapos rub up and down. Sige, don’t stop, keep rubbing up and down. Ahhh, moan for me. Let me hear your voice, let me hear your arousal. Move your hands up and down, diyan sa singit.”

As I rubbed up and down, I start to grip harder on my cock.

“Sige, keep going and look at me, look at me hold my cock, tignan mo kung paano ko siya binabate, this is how I do it, ganyan ako magdyakol. Ohhh… Sarap! Alam mo ba kung gaano kasarap pag ginagawa ko ito? Lalo pa akong nasasarapan habang tinitignan kita ngayon, ang kamay mo, sa singit mo, rubbing up and down?”

My cock is so hard and I am so horny I could shoot my cum now, but no, I have to hold on.

“Keep your hands there, diyan sa singit mo, then use one finger on each hand to open your pussy lips. Can you feel your wetness? Place each finger between your outer and inner lips. Ipitin mo ng fingers mo, on each each, and outer pussy lips mo. Slowly, move your hands up and down. Ahhh, that’s feels good, diba? Ang sarap sarap! Keep going… You can alternate na din, move one up and the other down. Kiskisin mo ang inner pussy lips mo. Mas masarap na diba? Mas masarap, iniisip mo ba kung ano ang nararamdaman ko watching you do that? Iniisip mo ba na sana dinidilaan kita ngayon? Papatikim mo ba sa akin ang tamod mo? Alam mo ba na nauulol na ako sa libog ngayon? Nanunuyo na ang lalamunan ko. Alam mo ba na kailangan ko ang katas mo?”

I continued to rub my thick shaft up and down. Slowly, I placed the palm of my other hand on top of my cock head, and start rubbing in circles. My pre cum spread on my palm, making it feel smooth as I rubbed around and around. I started moaning now with pleasure. I feel ticklish and tingling sensations on my cock head, as I continued to rub up and down, gripping tightly on my shaft.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… Haaahhh… Can you feel that? Imagine my cock head. Imagine my big cock head on your pussy now, rubbing on your inner pussy lips. Sige, keep doing it. I feel so good doing this, ang sarap! Alam mo ba na mas masarap magdyakol kapag ikaw nasa isip ko? Alam mo kung gaano kasarap kapag iniisip ko kung gaano kasarap ang katas ng puke mo? Pero alam mo ba kung ano ang mas masarap? Ahhh… Mas masarap kapag nalalasahan kita. Mas masarap kung dinidilaan kita. Mas masarap kung kinakain kita. Papatikim mo ba sa akin iyan? Papadila mo ba sa akin ang puke mo? Pakakainin mo ba sa akin ang masarap na katas mo? Pababayaan mo ba akong sipsipin ang butas ng puke mo? Papayagan mo bang sipsipin ko at kainin ang tamod mo?”

I can feel the burning pleasure inside me building up, I am about to come now… NO! I have to stop myself.

“Libog na libog ka na, ang sarap mong umungol. Libog na libog na ako sa iyo, lalo pa akong nalilibugan! Ang isang kamay mo ngayon, ipatong mo sa puson mo. Ang isa naman, dahan dahan mong ipasok ang daliri mo sa loob. Ahhh, ang sarap diba? Dahan dahan lang, tapos idiin mo pataas, habang dahan dahan mong pinapasok, idiin mo pataas at himasin mo ng paikot ikot. Keep going, sige, hanggang maramdaman mo ang parteng medyo magaspang. Dyan mo idiin at himasin ng paikot ikot. Tignan mo ang titi ko, kung paano ko ngayon inipit sa kamay ko ang ulo, pinipiga ko, habang hinihimas ko din ng paikot ikot. Ohhh… Ummm… Ang sarap sarap!”

I stroked my hands faster and faster, gripping tighter and tighter now.

“Yung isang kamay mo, sige, rub your clitoris now! Feel it, feel my cock inside you, feel my cock head, feel mo ang malaki kong titi sa loob ng puke mo, kumikiskis sa loob, sige, idiin mo pa ang finger mo inside your pussy, rub upwards in circular motion, feel me fucking you! Ang sarap! Ito ang iniisip ko pag nagdyadyakol, iniisip ko kinakantot kita! Ohhh… Kinakantot kita! Labas pasok ang namamaga kong titi. Mabilis na ang galaw ko ngayon! Binibilisan ko na ang pagkantot! Labas pasok, labas pasok, ibinabaon ko ang titi ko, kada baon, tinatamaan ko ang clitoris mo! Sige pa, habang kinakantot kita, laruin mo ang clit mo! Habang nakabaon ang daliri mo, rub your clit din! Ohhh… Ang sarap mong kantutin!”

I can feel you coming now. Your muscles are tightening up, you are screaming in pleasure, and…

“Ohhh… Ummm… Hindi ko pa ipuputok and tamod ko! Huhugutin ko, ayan, isusubsob ko ang mukha ko sa puke mo! Ummm… Babasain ko ng katas mo ang daliri ko and rub your clit! Tapos sisipsipin ko ang puke mo! Sabi ko kailangan ko ang katas mo! Ummm… Ummm… Ummm… Sisipsipin ko ang katas mo, ang sarap sarap, sige iputok mo! Iputok mo sa bibig ko! Ayan sinisipsip ko ang katas mo! Ummm… Ummm! Ummm!!! Sige pa, kulang pa! Iputok mo pa! Gusto ko pa! Ummm!!! Ummm!!! Lunurin mo ako ng katas mo!”

I swallowed everything. I wanted more, so I sucked and sucked. I wanted more of your cum I couldn’t stop sucking your pussy! My cock is so hard, it is so swollen like I never thought possible…

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