Robb Guinto and Matt Francisco’s Love Scenes in Vivamax’s “Araro”

Vivamax continues to push boundaries with its diverse range of content, and the latest addition to its roster, “Araro,” promises to be a thrilling four-part series. One aspect that has generated considerable buzz is the on-screen pairing of Robb Guinto and Matt Francisco, who dive headfirst into love scenes despite it being their first collaboration. In this blog post, we explore how the actors prepared for their intimate scenes, Robb’s take on nudity, and her plans for the future.

Robb and Matt’s Preparation for Love Scenes: According to Robb Guinto, building a solid friendship was the foundation of their on-screen chemistry. Being first-time collaborators, they took the time to get to know each other and discussed their approach to the intimate scenes before shooting. The open communication between the two actors allowed them to establish boundaries and create a comfortable working environment. Robb shared that they meticulously planned their scenes, ensuring that both actors were on the same page regarding the level of intimacy portrayed. Watch Araro sex scenes on Vivamaxflix

Robb elaborated on the limitations she set for the love scenes, expressing her discomfort with certain actions such as breast touching and tongue kissing. Despite these boundaries, the actors managed to deliver a torrid kissing scene, showcasing their professionalism and commitment to their roles.

Robb’s Approach to Nudity: Addressing the topic of nudity, Robb Guinto revealed that she always wears a plaster during intimate scenes, even when her character is supposed to be fully nude. This precaution has become a standard practice for the actress, ensuring her comfort and professionalism on set. Robb humorously mentioned that she has become accustomed to the process of applying and removing the plaster, indicating a level of familiarity with such scenes.

While Robb has taken on daring roles, she clarified that she has yet to engage in frontal nudity in any project. However, she remains open to the possibility, emphasizing that any decision would be based on discussions with the director and the narrative context.

Robb’s Future Plans: Before entering the world of acting, Robb Guinto had a background in beauty pageants, winning the title of Ms. Fatima University at the age of 16 or 17. Despite her success in pageantry, she expressed that she has no plans to return to it due to a lack of confidence in facing people during her younger years.

As for her education, Robb, currently an undergraduate student in Tourism, intends to continue her studies. However, she prioritizes supporting her family as the breadwinner. While she envisions returning to school once she has accumulated enough savings, her current focus remains on her acting career.

In terms of dream leading men, Robb expressed her desire to work with Piolo Pascual, citing him as her idol. She also added Alden Richards to her wishlist, praising his cuteness and confessing to being an avid AlDub fan.

“Araro” not only promises a riveting narrative but also showcases the dedication and professionalism of its lead actors, particularly Robb Guinto and Matt Francisco. Their approach to love scenes, handling of nudity, and future plans offer a glimpse into the mindset of an emerging talent in the industry. As audiences await the release of “Araro,” the series stands poised to make waves with its bold storytelling and the undeniable chemistry between its stars.