The Barista

ni GloryBox

“The usual?” He asked. I nodded and gave him a sweet, shy smile. Our fingers touched when I handed him my payment that I almost gasped. I can’t be horny with this heat.

“I’ll personally deliver it to you. Your usual table of course.” He gave me one of those heart-stopping grins of his, and I felt my clit tingle. Shit. Shit. Shit. Always a turn on! I headed to my usual table.

I’ve been hanging out in this coffee shop a few times a week. Partly because of the summer heat and I like to spend the most of my afternoons somewhere cool. Now that I just resigned, I feel like I needed to a break from the work place so I decided to be jobless for 3 months and focus on my writing. And the other part? Well, to secretly salivate and fantasize on the barista of course. What can I say? I haven’t been fucked in over a year and in need of a lot of fucking-fucking. Sigh! I might just need a cold shower later to cool me off.

I opened my laptop and opened an empty word document. Now what to write? I closed my eyes and imagined a few scenarios in my head. Erotic scenarious. I smiled naughtily when the barista’s face poppedin my head.

I switched off, from the background noise at least, but my mind is active with thoughts and closing my eyes I am slowly bringing to life the scene in my mind that I am now in the mood to play out.

The room is dark of course. Lit only by a soft natural light of the moon illuminating the sky. We are under the blankets but he is lying, face down and exhausted from his day. I can barely see his outline but I can sense him, hearing the rise and fall of his breath as his body melts heavily into the bed. His naked body bears goosebumps as my lips hover just above his shoulder blades. He is still. His long hours from work has wiped him out and I am loving his complacency, not even trying but just laying, face down, content with just feeling me above him. I cannot help but trace the silhouette of his muscular back, my fingers reaching out to his hair and bringing my face closer to his neck.

I soak in his scent. A beautiful musky, masculine scent strikes something in me that makes me nip hungrily at his ear. He pretended to give me no attention. I want my way though. I will not sleep. I want to devour him, soak in every part of him and awaken his senses. I want him to want me as much as I want him. Still nothing. I can see the crease of his smile from where his head is resting on his arms. Fine. Don’t play. I’ll play.

My lips find their way to his shoulders and I trace along every outline, down to his torso, his side, biting gently, then with more intent around his hips. He won’t budge so I decided to test him. How much can he ignore? Flipping around, my calves now run alongside his arms. I’m spreading myself wide open just above him. Him can feel the heat radiating from me. I tauntingly bite at his lower back, leaving a sliver of moisture where my lips have pulled at him. The frustration of his calmness drives me to push him and find a place of sensitivity to drive him wild. My tongue draws a line from the centre of his lower back, down towards the sensitive rim of his ass.

Using the lightest possible touch, sending shivers up his spine, the tingling sensation making him draw a sharp breath. All the while my pussy resting softly, moist on his shoulders. It’s my lure. I’m toying with his senses. My pussy coaxing him and my tongue tormenting him. He is growing uncomfortably hard and pushing into the bed. The slightest moan escapes my lips, the hum against the sensitivity of this delicate part of him raises his heart rate and he can’t ignore me any more. I have the upper hand now.

Lowering my weight into him, I tease him with my tongue, listening to the quickening of his breath. He is shining with lubrication from my lips and I circle him with my finger, gauging his reaction. He relaxes and I slip gently into him a devilish move, resting on a powerful pressure point that draws a moan from him. It is so deliciously naughty, so exposing, so foreign, but I want to explore every way to take him to the brink of ecstasy. Trusting each other completely, pushing new boundaries and finding new heights of pleasure and play.

I’m aching now, his writhing movement is pushing against my pussy which is longing to be filled with the feeling of his rock hard cock stretching apart my walls and dragging with excruciating sensitivity, in and out of me, rhythmically, allowing the build up that has been sitting at my entrance to gather inside me. Rising off him and rolling around to face and and lower myself into his pulsing cock, I ride him deeply with increasing determination. I want to release all over him as he explodes and release in me. The pushing of his cockhead, hard up against my cervix is edging me closer. Legs coming together, squeezing my pressure points, I can barely hold on to wait for him. Release. Oh please, yes! The dripping of desire inside me has me gasping for air, whimpering as we continue to push into each other, connecting so deeply, physically and spiritually, in an utter state of love and sweaty desire. Breathing is harsh, satisfied and slowing calming down.

“Was it that good?” I heard a voice that brought me back to reality.

It was him! I blushed profusely. I felt my cheeks go red. “What was good?” I croaked.

I watched him slowly place my order on the table never once taking his eyes off me. “You looked like you were in deep thought for a few minutes. I didn’t dare disturb you. And then you suddenly smiled. So I asked you if it was good.”

I didn’t answer of course. I just gave him a smile and watched as he turned and walked away.

“But it can get better.” I whispered.

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