Rapbeh Scandal Video and Download Links Spreads Online

A new internet sensation is on the rise and this time it’s called Rapbeh scandal. Yes, another video featuring a young couple copulating while their friends watch and cheer on them is spreading like wild fire throughout social media.

According to the information we’ve gathered from the internet, the video was first posted by a popular Facebook group R-Breezy. It quickly went viral in less than 6 hours of posting and by then other pages and websites has downloaded and reposted the said content.

Allegedly, the Rapbehgirl in the video was identified as Claire Marielle Miralo from Valenzuela City and the news circulating online that she committed suicide is not true.

A brief word history of Rapbeh.

Rapbeh is a word that was derived from two words: Sarap and Beh (a term of endearment between couples and is also derived from the word baby). It is believed by many that somewhere in the not so distant past (probably the Jejemon Era), Rapbeh was first uttered by a female in her throes of passion while doing the deed with here boyfriend that may or may not be a Jejemon.

Now that you’ve learned the origin of it’s origin. let’s now delve into the fact that uploading and spreading these types of videos is most definitely illegal. It’s against the law so do not re-upload the video.

Spreading the Rapbeh download links is also considered illegal under the cybercrime law so don’t do that also.

Most of all, the persons involved in Rapbeh scandal are undoubtedly going through hell right now. Although it’s their fault, let’s not salt their wounds.

Note: Kaplog.com does not post these kind of videos.

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