Rapbeh Scandal Video and Download Links Spreads Online

A new internet sensation is on the rise and this time it’s called Rapbeh scandal. Yes, another video featuring a young couple copulating while their friends watch and cheer on them is spreading like wild fire throughout social media. According to the information we’ve gathered from the internet, the video was first posted by a […]

Why Porn Can Be Good For You

A 2006 New York magazine story by Naomi Wolf warned that pornography is so seriously turning men off to real women that now, six years later, you’d think it’s a miracle there are any children in first grade. Porn has always had plenty of detractors, but since the web has brought it into our homes […]

The Truth About How Porn Affects Your Sex Life

These are just some of the many reasons the state of Utah recently went so far as to formally declare porn to be a “public health crisis.” Is porn really such a destructive force, though? It’s difficult to come to that conclusion when you actually look at what the research says. Here are five scientific […]

What Are the Advantages of Watching Porn?

1. It increases libido and stimulates the release of beneficial endorphins. 2. It facilitates masturbation and provides a safe outlet for sexual release. 3. It costs less and is more private than LIVE sexual entertainment. 4. It isolates performers and audience from communicable diseases. 5. If you remain single it costs less than maintaining a […]

There Are So Many Benefits To Watching Porn

Hi there. I’m a woman. I enjoy watching porn on a regular basis. I know, shocking right? Did you just fall right out of your chair? It’s not something you hear everyday. Not because it’s uncommon for women to watch porn, but because for some reason its just another one of those “taboo” subjects that […]

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